Energo Combustion System  

The Energo Blue Reactorâ„¢ is a completely new combustion system, Energo Blue Reactorâ„¢ is a revolutionary heat transfer technology for industrial thermal processes.

It is a system that replaces the conventional gas burner which in turn changes the heat transfer of the thermal process from radiant to kinetic; generating a new type of flame that results in high combustion and heat transfer efficiencies.

Technology Features 


  • Reduction in fuel consumption up to 80%

  • Reduction in Maintenance cost

  • Reduction in Electricity  consumption


  • Capacity of heat transfer equipment (kiln, furnace, ladle, etc) is increased

  • The Energo Blue Reactorâ„¢ will not only reduce the capital requirement but also reduces the required space.


  • Reduce heat cycle time by up to 60%

  • Simple Operation

  • Uses hydrocarbon gases as fuel 


  • Reduce scale formation by up to 90% 

  • Improve temperature gradient (near zero delta T)

  • Eliminate Thermal stresses, surface cracking & deformation


  • Low Noise, typically less than 85 db

  • Uses UV frequency for safety shutdown 

  • Low operating pressure for both mediums (Air and Gas)


  • Reduction of NOx to < 20 ppm

  • Reduction of CO emissions of up to 80%

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 80%